Week 3

Math Reps

Our math class begins with “Math Reps”, a Jon Corippo and Marlena Hebern EduProtocol. Lisa Nowakowski has sweet templates that I’ve been using. I believe that she ran with Jon’s original idea and turned it into Math Reps. I may be mistaken though. Regardless, awesome stuff! Math Reps are not meant for me to take home and correct. Instead, it’s a quick and easy formative assessment. I quickly take attendance and I begin to roam the room to check for understanding. At times we will go over certain sections of Math Reps together. Other times I see with my own eyes that there is sufficient evidence to not have to go over Math Reps together as a class. Our current reps include multiplying with area models, area model division, multiplying 10, 100, 100, etc. times an assigned number using mental math, and finally prime factorization.

Math Appetizers

After Math Reps we begin Math Appetizers, which have been a welcome addition to my math instruction. Daily activities like “Estimation 180“, “Would You Rather?” and “Which One Doesn’t Belong?” are a great way to start math. It allows students to practice academic discourse with problems or situations that are non-threatening.

This past week I threw in a Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Task which was perfect for ratios, as a way to start the chapter. Here’s the 1st act:

Once again, a non-threatening problem. It’s obviously math but I didn’t throw standards at the kids or anything like that. I didn’t really preface the video with anything. I showed the video and we discussed it afterwards. What do you notice? What do you wonder? We discarded the idea of simply throwing the paint away because of how crazy-expensive it is. In collaborative groups students uncovered the best way to fix the problem. Crazy, huh? Jo Boaler is correct about kids being traumatized by math. I plan on using Matt Vaudrey’s epic Mullet Ratio on a second go at ratio’s later in the year.

It was an action packed week. Was it a lot of work? Of course! That’s the fun part. Plus, why do you think I am writing this on a Tuesday!